Welcome to our new website!
More Mobile Friendly  |  More Welcoming  |  More Alive

Let me know what you think!

(Please note that not all information has been moved across from the old site e.g. some of the church ministries)


More Mobile Friendly

The new site is much easier to read on phones and tablets.  Have a look at the old and new sites on a 5" mobile device.

Not only is the page text much larger but on mobile phones a menu bar will appear top right to make navigation far easier.


Screenshot 2015-11-04 18.20.23_CROP.jpg

More Welcoming

We have tried to make it easier to find stuff, especially for centre users.

We have....

Simplified the menus and put centre related menus first

Given greater prominence to centre information on the home page

Made greater use of "More Here" links to keep the main pages uncluttered

More Alive

The calendar on the Home page will automatically show changes to the regular centre programme. So if you want to see if an activity is running during the half term - look on the calendar!  If you want to see when Fusion starts back again - look on the calendar.

The calendar will show both the regular programme and ad-hoc events (such as the TKC Christmas Lunch) that are open to the general public.

There is also a Twitter feed on the Home Page and there will be far greater use of Photo Galleries and Blogs throughout the site.  So come back regularly!