free golf clubs

Fred Horsler's set of golf clubs (7 Irons and Putter) and bag are FREE for anyone who would be interested in acquiring them.  If interested please speak to Basil Smith (020 8397 4826).

Ceeda UK are looking to recruit  parents as Mystery Shoppers.
You will need to meet the following criteria: 

· Resident within reasonable travelling distance of Epsom
· Parent of a child aged up to 3 years
· Does not and never has worked in the childcare sector
· Does not have close relatives working in the early years sector
· Confident communicator and interested in carrying out ad-hoc mystery shopper assignments. 

The recruited shopper is paid an incentive of £75 plus expenses for visiting and evaluating 3 day nurseries in their local area.

If you are interested or just want more details you can either fill in the form on their website or email Jenny Evans at or if you'd prefer you can call her on 08456800631.

mystery shopper

churchsuite tip

If your ChurchSuite app on your smartphone is misbehaving (eg hangs or menus fail to appear), close all - or most - apps running on your phone and try opening CS again. If this doesn't work, re-start your phone. 

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A wooden garden Children's Playhouse lovely conditions. Chessington area.

FREE needs dismantling. Have had many hours of fun. If interested call Maria  on 07743 981375