I didn't just use that title to pick up passing Google searches. The world has actually gone bonkers!

If you don't know "Love Island". DON'T GOOGLE IT! It's the TV reality show equivalent of 50 Shades of Grey/Black/any other colour that will sell bad books. That doesn't mean that it stoops to the same level of sexually explicit material. But rather it's something that middle class women, whose mother would never have entertained viewing such a programme, are happily nattering about at the school gates.

It's not that I don't expect there to be more and more real live (in dimmed lighting under the sheets) sex on mainstream TV. I think that Love Island is entirely in line with what our Tinder culture would see as normal, healthy entertainment. Promiscuity is the new Prosecco. How to bring the fizz back into your life with no headache the next day. Love Island is an apt reflection of a society which is taking the most precious act of human intimacy and devaluing it to the point of triviality.

Why I think that the world has finally gone mad was today's BBC News item about complaints about Love Island. The headline was "Love Island: Why are viewers complaining?" The answer was because people are smoking on TV. 24 of the 46 complaints to Ofcom have been about real live cigarettes on the television. (Presumably the traditional post coital fag.) 

Now I think smoking is best avoided and a easy way to abbreviate your life. However, I also think that sexual promiscuity brings with it consequences that mean it shouldn't be celebrated.

The Bible is a book that is very keen on sex. Because God made sex. For a certain context. Between a man and woman in marriage (and probably not live on the TV). It is in that lifelong commitment that physical intimacy and emotional intimacy are bound together. It is this union and intimacy that is at the heart of what it is to be "one flesh" in Genesis 2:24:

"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh."

That is the only place for safe sex in the Bible.