Monday is VE day. Victory in Europe. The day that saw the end of the War against Nazi Germany in 1945. People partied in the streets. Strangers rejoiced together over the good news. It was a day of hope, joy and celebration after almost 6 years of bitter war. 

When you have fantastic news you want to share it. You feel obliged to share it. Because it changes other people's lives for the better as well. They need to know that nothing will be the same again. They can now enjoy freedom and peace. They can go to bed and not fear death in the night from a bomb. The battle against the enemy is over. It was a gospel moment.

Because the word gospel means news. Not news as in the weather or the state of the stock market. But news as in a victory. News that has to be shared. News that affects everyone. News that makes you run out into the street and celebrate with total strangers. That's why the early Christians used it about Jesus.

"The beginning of the gospel about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God..." (Mark 1:1)

To them Jesus was such good news that he had to be shared. He brought peace with God. He had won the victory over the enemies of death and the devil. He gave freedom to his people to live in relationship with their loving heavenly Father. He meant that there was joy in knowing that you were loved by God and there was hope in knowing that your future would be with him in a perfect renewed creation.

I believe all this. But I don't always feel it. 

So I'm praying that I would. That every day would be like VE day for me. A day when I want to talk about the victory won and the peace we can now enjoy. A day when I will tell both friends and strangers the good news. A day when I feel that Jesus has changed not just my life, but the world. I'm praying that every day would be a gospel day for me.