I had the great pleasure of being in Adventurers on Sunday morning. For those of you that don’t know, Adventurers teaches the good news about Jesus to children aged 4 to 7 years old. It meets on a Wednesday night and a Sunday morning. It is a remarkable work and there really should be a queue of people only too thrilled to be sitting-in on a Sunday morning when invited.

On this particular Sunday morning we had sung some songs and had a quiz that involved bowling at skittles. We then settled down to the message from the Bible. We were looking at Peter’s sermon from Acts chapter 2. The previous week the kids had looked at the coming of the Holy Spirit. This week we were looking at the change the Holy Spirit brought about in Peter. We saw how Peter had let Jesus down by denying him three times. We saw how the disciples were gathered in the Upper room after the ascension, waiting for The Helper to come. Then we were told that the promised Holy Spirit came. This changed Peter so that he stood up to tell the crowd about Jesus. The children listened really well and the teacher moved on to apply the Bible to their lives. 

This is the really risky moment in kids work. This is the moment we can sometimes doubt the power of God’s word. But let me tell you what happened....

The teacher applied the passage to us. “Sometimes we can fear telling other people the Good News about Jesus dying and rising again. The Holy Spirit can make us bold and we can tell people about Jesus.” There were a few seconds of silence and I think the teacher was about to pray and then go and sit down. Before she had a chance, a little girl on the front row said “Yes, I could tell my friend Suzi.” Then another girl sitting 2 seats further away said, “Oh yes, and I could tell my friend Rosie.” The rest of room was quite clear in their agreement.      

I sat there thinking “Why aren’t adults so quick to get this message?!”