I've had a number of close encounters of the royal kind. In terms of my relationship with Prince William: I've answered the phone to his great aunt, went to the same school as his wife, refereed his brother in a rugby match (He was constantly offside and was none to happy with me penalising him!), I've even spoken to the future king himself. It wasn't a classic conversation. 

I'd been speaking at the Christian Union at Eton. As I was climbing into my aged Land Rover to depart, when I noticed a pupil with a middle aged man standing in close proximity to my exhaust. In fear of choking them in the inevitable cloud of think black fumes that would engulf them when I started the engine, I hopped out, went round the back and said, "I wouldn't stand there lads, this thing gives off a load of smoke when it starts!" Then I got back in and thought, "That was Prince William and his protection officer!"

"Did I really just say: 'Lads'- I'm not even a republican!"

None of these are why I'm like Prince William. Nor is it the fact that I'm thinning on top, have been brought up not to use the word "toilet" and am married to a woman called Catherine (Spelt differently.)

The reason that I am like Prince William is that I am a member of a royal family by blood. And so are you if you're a Christian.

The Bible tells those who believe in Jesus that he has changed their status. He has taken unrighteous people and made them righteous. He has taken the enemies of God and made them His friends. He has taken dead people and made them alive.

But He has also taken traitors and made them rulers. "And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 2:6). Those who trust in Christ are united to him, so because his status is ruler of creation, that is our status as well. We will rule with him. 

C.S. Lewis brilliantly picks this up in his Narnia books. The Sons and Adam and Daughters of Eve are Kings and Queens in Narnia. Rulers over the rest of creation. 

All this is ours by blood. Not because we share the same genes. But because Jesus shed His blood at the cross. It is His death, resurrection and ascension that change our status now and forever. His life laid down brings us life eternal as a ruler in God's glorious New Creation.

That's why when we remember our royal status, we are humble and thankful. Never proud.