Ok I admit it. I put Trump and Putin in largely to get you to read this. I didn't think that "3 reasons to share Jesus" would grab your attention. But read on! I'm not done with Trump and Putin yet.

Because they are dominating our news. You can see why. They're to all extensive purposes they're soon to be the two most powerful men on the planet. Much to Donald's disappointment I suspect that Putin comes out on top. Not for any good reason, but simply because he seems to be less contained by the demands of democracy. He genuinely appears to do what he wants and to crush his opponents by fair means or foul.

Now I don't want to suggest that the posturing of two massive egos, who appear to be about to play a game of chicken with the Baltic states, isn't geopolitically important. But they are not the biggest news item. In fact since the first Christmas nothing has been a bigger news item than Jesus. Because with Jesus came the fulfilment God's rescue plan for the world. In fact the name of the message about that rescue plan, "Gospel", means "news".

The message about Jesus is, in its very nature, something to be shared. News is "information not previously known to someone". In other words, it's information that people need to hear so that they know it! Not sharing the gospel is like not driving your car anywhere. It is denying its essential purpose.

So here are three reasons why Jesus is much more important (and better!) news to share than Trump or Putin. They're all from Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes..."

1. It is powerful. The news about Jesus really changes people in a way that Putin and Trump will never be able to. It changes their hearts as they are brought into relationship with God, their loving heavenly Father.

2. It saves. The news about Jesus saves people from the greatest danger that they face. Which is not World War III, started by the stupidity of politicians. Nor is it world poverty, caused by the selfishness of people. But rather it is facing the righteous anger of the God who gives life. The God that they have ignored. Rebelled against. Rejected. 

3. It's for everyone. Trump and Putin gained power and keep power by pitting one group of people against another. Jesus offers forgiveness and love to all, whatever their race, gender, cultural background, nationality, or maybe most shockingly, criminal past. He doesn't put up walls. He stretches wide his arms and is nailed to a cross, so that he can welcome them in. Jesus accepts all people as they are. But he doesn't leave them as they are (see point 1!).

Sharing the news about Jesus can seem so insignificant compared to the big stage of world politics. Yesterday someone told me how their mum had simply invited a neighbour's daughter along to Sunday school. 40 years later that little girl, and her brother, and her sister, and her husband, and her brother's wife, and her son, have all been transformed by the news about Jesus.

Trump or Putin will never bring about change like that.