I'm sitting smelly on a train to Sunderland. I had a bit of a sweat issue in getting here. You see I went to the wrong King's Cross.

Being a new boy to this whole London big city thing I get a bit nervous when up in "Town". Apart from feeling that everyone else is a potential mugger or pick pocket, I also think that I'm about to get lost. Praise God for Google Maps.

You have to use Google Maps surreptitiously though, otherwise everyone will know that you are the new boy in town and mug you. 

So I had to walk from Euston to King's Cross to catch my train. I entered King's Cross as my destination and set off, rapidly turning down the sound of "her" voice telling me to turn right, fearing that someone would hear, realise I was the new boy in town and mug me.

After a while I felt that the streets were getting a little narrower. Maybe too narrow. (Sort of street where there are muggers). The walk seemed to be longer than the 750 metres that the sign at Euston told me it was. But I kept following Google Maps. Eventually after a bit of zig zagging I arrived at Kings Cross. So it told me. But there was no station!

I realised I was at the heart of Kings Cross the place. An area with a reputation. But not for rail travel.

I hastily re-entered my destination adding the word "station" and discovered I was further away than when I had left Euston. 11 sweaty minutes later I panted onto the concourse and peeled my coat off from were it had become stuck to my shirt which was stuck to my back. Nice.

Jesus warns us in the Bible that the problem with false teachers is that they only sound a whisker away from the truth. But if you follow them you end up in totally the wrong place. He says in Matthew 7:15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ferocious wolves."

You only have to change the teaching of God's word a little to make it spiritually lethal. The apostle Paul warns the Galatians that any gospel (even one delivered by an angel!) that is different to the gospel they heard from him, is no gospel at all.

It's possible for people to talk about Jesus and love and forgiveness. But not to be speaking the truth of the Bible. It might seem OK at first. But the final destination that a false gospel will take you is not the heaven Jesus promises. But the hell he died to save us from. 

It's why we must always weigh the Christian teaching we hear against the Bible God wrote.

No wonder Paul urges Timothy, "Watch your life and doctrine closely." 1 Timothy 4:16

The only thing I'd add is: Be careful how you use Google Maps as well!