Now for this might be a surprise for those who know me. Especially in my present incarnation as Jabba the Daf, rather than my occasional appearances as Mo Farrah Daf. But don't be reaching for your phones in a desperate attempt to get me to step away from the fridge and put the the left overs down. Because it's not grub I'm talking about.

There was an item in this morning's news about self-image. "Pressure to look perfect hits girls' confidence, say Guides"

It was all about the way girls lack confidence in the way they look, which leads them to lacking confidence generally. Apparently our image obsessed culture is constantly teaching them to assess who they are and what they're worth by how they look. (Somewhat ironic on the day after the news headlined on Kim Kardashian being robbed!).

We are all in danger of assessing our worth in the wrong way. It can be through our job. How do we feel when we answer the question: "What do you do?" It can be through our relationship or family status. For some it is even through what they drive.

There is only one safe place to assess your worth. God's word in the Bible. It tells us that we are created in God's image and so have inherent worth and dignity (Genesis 1:26). But that we are all sinners who have fallen short of that image and marred it (Romans 3:23), so we should be humble. Yet God has demonstrated his great love for us by making us his children through the death and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus (1 John 3:1).

Here's my problem. I don't feed on those truths enough. 1 Timothy 3:6 told me this morning that I need to be "nourished on the truths of the faith". I just don't eat enough Bible. If I do I often scoff my food down, not chewing it properly, not savouring each mouthful. And then I wonder why I can't remember what it tasted like! 

One of the reasons that I eat too much is to find comfort when life is rubbish. It doesn't work. I just end up feeling miserable about being fat.

What I need to do is eat more so that I eat less!

That's my advice to the Girl Guides. Feed on God's word. Not the world's lies. And you'll find confidence in Christ. Not our cultures verdict on your appearance.