It started just before 6am with an ominous scrabbling noise on the landing. I stumbled out of bed to find our 3 year old on the landing. "I need a poo." he said. This request brought a certain urgency to the situation as the day before things had definitely been jippy in his tummy.

We made it!

I put him back to bed. Only for him to arrive on my side of the bed 5 minutes later. So I let him get in for a cuddle. Which was all going well until, with the noise of horse blowing air through it's lips, he filled his pyjamas.Whilst lying in my arms. We set off to the bathroom again.

Then, as I was washing out the aforementioned nightware, there was a cry from my eldest son downstairs. "The dog's poohed on the dining room floor!" Great. At which point I called for reinforcements. My wife arrived in the bathroom, in body if not in spirit, and took over.

I descended to find that the dog had not just gone for a one poo, but had fully evacuated his bowels in 3 offerings. Each one being considerably less solid than the last. The final, fully liquid, excrement being carefully deposited at the foot of the white, floor length, curtains. Again. 

I set about my highly efficient clean up routine, which I have perfected through far too much practice! (For a small fee I will let you let you know it).

By the end of it all I'd decided that I've had better starts to the week.

The apostle Paul says that he regards all things poo compared to knowing Jesus. We have a variety of more polite translations. 

Philippians 3:8 What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ...

The word "garbage" or "rubbish" isn't really what you'd find in your bin. More what you'd find in your toilet. That's what Paul felt about anything else when compared to knowing Jesus. Especially his religious self-righteousness.

The wonder that God would give him the perfect righteousness of his Son. That He would give him the status of a perfect child of God,  through the death of Jesus at the cross, made everything else in life seem a bit smelly to Paul.

I spent a lot of time face to face with poo this morning. Perhaps I should spend as much time with Jesus in his word each morning. Then everything else might seem a bit more poohy in comparison for me as well.