You find the promise of life in strange places.

I found it today with a man whose back pain means that he is largely immobile. His headaches and medicine mean that each day is a struggle to remain conscious and coherent. But he smiles constantly and wanted to encourage me.

I found it last weekend amongst disabled people who rejoiced in being loved and embraced me with a genuineness that I didn't deserve.

I've found it in the past with a young couple whose childlessness caused them deep pain. But who could still be thankful. And serve the One who they believed had control over every conception.

I've found it through tears, shared with a couple who are determined to put their marriage back together after the deepest of betrayals.

I've found it with a father, who was willing to tell his children about the scale of his failure and shame. And ask them to forgive him.

I've found it with an elderly couple. Both in their 90's. Sitting side by side. Largely immobile. Mostly in pain. Who said that they were so blessed.

I've found it as each one has pointed me to "the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 1:1