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Explore: Jesus

Exploring the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark

Jesus lived more than 2000 years ago but His words and actions have changed the world more than anybody else in history

Have you ever wondered why billions of people, over two millenia, have devoter their lives to follow a carpenter, who became a travelling preacher? What did he say? What did he do? Does it matter anyway?

Over five Thursday evenings we will explore this man Jesus as we look through one of the earliest writtien sources of his life and teaching, the Gospel of Mark.

This course is for anyone asking genuine questions about Jesus and Christianity and those wanted to better understand their own faith,

There will be a short talk followed by plenty of time for discussion and questions in an informal, relaxed and welcoming environment.

Outline of the sessions:
"Who is Jesus? - 14th Nov
"Why did He come?" - 21st Nov
"What did He call people to do?" - 28th Nov
"Why did He die?" - 5th Dec
"What is the resurrection?" - 12th Dec

Want to attend?

If you would like to attend, know of anyone who would be interested or if you need more information
Please contact Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Phone: 0773 60 70 061
Email: click here

Dates:  5 Thurs evenings, Nov 14th - Dec 12th
Time: 8:15 - 9:30pm
Venue: The King's Centre, Coppard Gdns, Chessingotn, KT9 2GZ